6th December, 2019


We were thrilled in November when Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon from HELLO! Magazine got in touch to feature our signature Snuzi Life Weighted Blanket in this year's HELLO! Magazine Xmas Gift Guide! How amazing is that?!

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25th January, 2019

We're excited to announce that our weighted blanket featured in the Daily Mail yesterday where it was judged alongside some of our biggest competitors. Not only did we win the contest, but Frances Hardy from the Daily Mail awarded our blanket with an astounding 10/10! This what she had to say about the SNUZI LIFE weighted blanket:

"Accustomed by now to the heft of the blanket, this slightly lighter version felt ideal. I snuggled down under its washable mink-grey lining — as soft and cosseting as cashmere — and after a brief spell of wakefulness at around midnight, slept blissfully until 7.30am, for a total of eight hours.

I can’t recall sleeping so solidly since I was a child, swaddled under layers of thick woollen blankets, an eiderdown and counterpane — but perhaps that’s the point.

The effect of the weighted blanket is similar to that of the old-fashioned bedding we used before duvets became de rigueur and has a comparable calming and comforting effect.

All day, I felt as if I was walking on air. I was incredulous and delighted. I’ll definitely buy this and use it every night.

Verdict: Best night’s sleep in decades. 10/10"

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Unsurprisingly, we've received a huge amount orders since yesterday and are currently out of stock. All of these orders will come out of our shipment that is making its way to our warehouse. So if you would like your own SNUZI LIFE blanket, pre-order yours today!


24th December, 2018

SNUZI LIFE features on the popular New York-based website Gadget Flow that curates "cool gadgets" for the savvy and discerning consumer. 

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11th October, 2018

SNUZI LIFE is invited to showcase its range at the 'Oscar' Academy Awards Gifting Suite. Celebrity Connected contacted us in October to showcase our brand to over 100 celebrities in the Oscar Academy Awards Gifting Suite at the W Hotel Hollywood. We're getting noticed, it's great.


21st August, 2018

SNUZI LIFE receives recognition in the U.K. when it features in the London Evening Standard's 'Best Buy' list.

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23rd July, 2018

Award-winning Australian paleo food blogger, Irena Macri, of Eat Drink Paleo, mentions our weighted blankets in her blog.

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